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So What is Cloud Accounting Anyway?

If you have accessed your bank account online you have already been working in the cloud. It’s simply software and data kept elsewhere securely that you use the internet to access. For bookkeeping and accounting it has tremendous advantages for company owners:

  • You don’t need a designated office space or computer for the software. You can access anywhere, anytime on any computer or mobile device  with internet access.
  • You don’t have to keep installing expensive updates on your computer or deal with compatibility issues.
  • No worries about your hard drive crashing or forgetting to do a backup – that is done automatically for you.
  • Your data is more secure being stored with the same encrypted security as your bank. No need to use insecure USB sticks to move data.
  • The software is updated and enhanced automatically, and available 24/7.
  • There are many time saving features we can integrate into your accounting procedures.

My Journey into the Cloud.

Before cloud accounting software I had to contend with a much more labour intensive desktop system. Backing up files and keeping up-to-date with tax tables and software updates were a major headache. Back then I was a business owner and spent far too many hours stuck in the office doing bookkeeping. It was almost never possible to get convenient and accurate snapshots of how were doing financially, how much customers owed us and who we needed to pay. Furthermore access to this financial information was impossibly difficult to access once I left the office. Nevertheless I persevered, took the necessary courses and became proficient at bookkeeping. I began to look after the needs of other business owners and over the years developed a reputation for high quality work.

I embraced cloud accounting very early in its development. I saw it offering significant advantages for business owners. I decided that by becoming an expert in the largest and most progressive software, QuickBooks Online (QBO), I could offer the best service. It is the leading choice with #1 market share, and is used by over 1.5 million businesses. QBO has handled anything I have needed it to do and most importantly my clients like it too. As well I take great joy in helping owners adopt time and paperwork saving procedures.

I am now a Platinum Level Certified QBO Advisor (the highest qualification) and am asked regularly to give talks to accountants and business owners on the advantages of cloud accounting. Here is a very short video below about someone using QBO you might find interesting:

At Miralco we specialize in working with business owners, and take pride in how we can help them grow their businesses from start-up through years of of success. By means of timely, accurate Smart Systems, we work to reduce the owner’s stress. We provide you with timely information to diminish unnecessary expenses, increase sales, and afford owners time to spend working productively on their businesses. Our years of experience owning, operating and eventually successfully selling our own small businesses, means we understand the unique  perspective and needs of the business owner.

It is not just a matter of keeping the bookkeeping up-to-date, but also knowing what that information can tell you about how your business is doing that makes it all the more possible to to seize emerging opportunities to improve the bottom line and achieve your goals.

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