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We use QuickBooks Online accounting software to take care of the bookkeeping requirements of your business. This ensures that you have financial reports at your fingertips in a highly time-efficient manner, no matter where you are. Reports for CRA and other government agencies, such as required for HST, payroll source deductions, WSIB are prepared. PLUS, you get the specific information and management reports that are critical to you in managing your business on the schedule that matters to you.

Having all bank and credit card statements reconciled in perfect balance, enables your accountant to prepare their reports and submit tax documents quickly and accurately. When accountants receive a set of books which are properly prepared, it means they spend less time on cleaning up the books and have more time to spend advising you on your business.You get to use their valuable time to greater advantage.

Of course, the other thing that matters is how much it all costs.
At Miralco, you only pay for the bookkeeping services you need and the time it takes for that work to be done. Having been in your shoes, we know that you really cannot afford to pay any more than is required in order to get the job done properly.

Business Start-up

  • Advise on business and account structure
  • Set up accounts in QuickBooks Online
  • Training on software and apps

Accounts Receivable

  • Data entry Customer invoices
  • Data entry Customer payments
  • Reconcile Aged Receivables

Accounts Payable

  • Data entry Supplier invoices
  • Pay bills
  • Data entry Supplier payments
  • Review Aged Payables


  • Process payroll
  • Pay staff
  • ROE andT4 processing

Bank accounts – CAD, US, Euro

  • Process bank fees and interest
  • Process Direct Debits and Deposits
  • record exchange rates


  • Report preparation, file GST/HST
  • Report preparation, file Source deductions
  • Report preparation, file Corporate income tax
  • Report preparation, file WSIB


  • Bank
  • Credit Cards
  • Loan accounts
  • Source Deductions
  • GST/HST control accounts

Procedures and Manuals

  • Update Client’s Bookkeeping Procedures

GST/HST, Source deductions and WSIB

  • Remit monthly, quarterly, annual GST/HST,Source Deductions,Corporate income tax
  • Remit Instalment payments
  • Remit WSIB or other liabilities

Year End

  • Reconcile all GST/HST remitted for the year
  • Reconcile wages, source deductions
  • Provide accountant with data file, year-end reconciliations, and required documents for T2 CorporateTax Preparation

Reporting – as requested

  • Monthly Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow
  • Quarterly Financial Reports and analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking


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