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New Business Start-up?

Having started successful businesses of our own and also having assisted others as well, we can guide you through all the somewhat confusing and complex steps of turning a dream into a fully functioning business. We help to minimize business growing pains. It is vitally important to start your accounting record-keeping with a chart of accounts that is appropriate for your business.


We will guide you in getting your record keeping system in place starting with setting up the chart of accounts to record expenses, income and your asset purchases. Sometime half the battle is knowing what receipts to keep and what expenses you can claim as legitimate business expenses. We can help you get organized to minimize taxes by maximizing legitimate expenses for such costs as operating your vehicles, operating a business office in your home, and more.

We can set-up easy for you to use invoices in QBO in a style and colour scheme that suites your business and incorporate your business logo as well. You will be able to email your customers professional invoices in no time at all! Ensuring they pay you in a timely manner is another area we  will review with you. There are a lot of variables make a difference to the bottom line. We can review those with you on a regular basis.


In addition to working with you to keep your financial records accurately and efficiently, we are there for you every step of the way giving you the information you need to make wise decisions about your business.

We work with your accountant or can connect you with accountants we have grown to respect if you are looking for someon right for you and your business.

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